Adult education

Our Adult Education courses are designed to be accessible for everyone. From multi-week Bible Studies examining Paul's letters to the church in Corinth to one-off seminars on dreams and film, these classes are open to all, from the most seasoned Bible Study students to first time attendees. We look forward to a new season of learning and growth beginning in the Fall. Below are summaries of some of our most recent programs. 


I love to Tell a Story: A Narrative Presentation of the UCC 

Davida’s mother instilled in her a love of narrative history: the stories of people who changed history, made a difference, took risks for others. When she was just six, her mother started giving her books about girls and women from history: Molly Pitcher, Belva Lockwood, Harriet Beecher Stowe.  Those stories changed her own life story, so she loves to tell stories that might transform the future for others. During her four weeks with us, Davida shared inspiring stories rooted in the heritage and history of the United Church of Christ.  

Her principal focus was how the UCC became a leading Christian progressive voice in America. Our roots in Congregationalism going way back to the colonies begin to tell the story. From Anne Hutchinson in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, to the founding of Andover Seminary and the start of overseas mission and its transformation of America, to the story of the Amistad, the settling of the West, and onward to our instrumental role in the Civil Rights, Feminist and ADA movements, there are stories to tell. Some make us blush with embarrassment and some make us proud. These are more the stories of laity than of clergy, and largely stories of ordinary people facing into extraordinary challenges with faith and perseverance. Together they’ve made us who we are.  


Four Days to Eternity: From Gethsemane to Resurrection - Four Perspectives

The Easter story is one of the most important and recounted tales in the Christian tradition. In the weeks leading up to Easter, Michael Moorhead offered a four week Bible Study Course that examined four different perspectives on the resurrection story. Using passages from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the class compared and analyzed the similarities and differences between each retelling. The passages used were:

Matthew 26: 36 - 28: 20

Mark 14: 32 - 16: 20

Luke 22: 39 - 24: 53

John 18: 1 - 21: 25