We offer weekly Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes in the Fellowship Hall on Tuesday mornings. Part of our Adult Education Ministry since 2014, these classes provide a safe place to explore the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of a yoga practice. The classes are free, though a suggested donation of $10 helps continue to care for our beautiful grounds and facilities.


About the Classes

Both the Mat and Chair classes use a mix of physical postures and spiritual affirmations to move energy from the exterior to the interior body, where it can be focused and utilized in our meditations and life's work.

Spiritual affirmations help experience the deeper essence locked within each posture.  Postures are offered from beginner awareness to more advanced expressions.  Students are encouraged to work within their comfort zone. Classes are designed to be safe yet challenging. Individual instruction is given as needed to ensure everyone is well within the safety zone for their skill level. 

Props are available, including yoga mats, blankets, blocks and straps.  It is encouraged that you bring your own yoga mat if possible.  Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a water bottle along with an openness to see if there is any truth for you in this spiritual practice. The class schedule is detailed below-- all classes are held on Tuesday mornings in the Fellowship Hall.

Mat Class

This is a moderately strenuous class, which includes strengthening, balance, and stretching poses requiring a full range of physical motions.   You must have the ability to get up and down off the floor with ease in order to benefit from this class.   Options are offered to ensure the beginner as well as more advanced students receive the optimum benefit.


Students from both the Mat and Chair classes come together for a time of reflection and guided meditation. Instruction is given on the techniques designed to help calm the thinking mind and develop the ability to experience an aspect of God in your silence.

Chair Class

Our focus during this class is on increasing balance, awareness, flexibility and confidence.  Most classes begin with a series of “Energization Exercises” (EE) which use willpower, coupled with “dynamic tension” to improve muscle and bone strength.   You’ll learn practical postures that are easily transferred to your home environments using a variety of chairs and props.


About Eleanor Johnson-Muth

Eleanor is a trained yoga instructor with advance certification as a Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), along with completion of Level 2 Hatha Yoga Instructor requirements. After over 15 years of exposure to various yogic disciplines, she was drawn to the spiritual practice of Hatha Yoga.  Common to her all the classes is the focus on body & breath awareness, affirmations and enhancing our awareness and understanding of God. 

Eleanor is an active member of our Church Community, sings in our Choir and frequently serves as a lay reader for Sunday Worship. The Neighborhood Church has been a church home for her and her husband Dudley for over twenty years. 

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Pictured: Eleanor along the Ganges River during an Ayurvedic Healing Retreat and Pilgrimage in 2017

Pictured: Eleanor along the Ganges River during an Ayurvedic Healing Retreat and Pilgrimage in 2017