The Christmas Story


You could ask just about anyone in our congregation about Ruberta Weaver and their response would probably be a mix of admiration, amazement and gratitude. After all, it’s not every day that you meet a 102 year old woman who Ubers to choir practice every Thursday and Church every Sunday. But that’s Ruberta— over one hundred and still singing in the choir, active in the Church and community, and reading scripture passages once a month on Sundays. She has a famously warm and engaging speaking voice, and earlier this year agreed to record a Bible passage of the Christmas Story to be shared with our Church family and friends.

We hope you enjoy Ruberta’s reading of The Christmas Story and share it with someone this Christmas season. You can listen below or check us out on iTunes (link below)!

Ruberta, thank you for sharing your many gifts with us every Sunday! We are grateful for your love and service and blessed to have you as a part of our Church family.

Lauren Hardin