The Endowment Fund exists to sustain the financial stability and protect the assets and programs of our Church, both now and in the future. The fund is managed by our Endowment Committee in accordance with Church bylaws.


A Gift for the Future

The purpose of The Neighborhood Church Endowment Fund is to provide a perpetual source of funding for the projects, efforts, and initiatives necessary to support the financial strength, stability and overall health of the Neighborhood Church.

The Fund began in 1995 with about $14,000 in assets. As of December 31, 2017, it had grown to $1,016,581 of which $595,854 is principal and $420,727 is accumulated interest and capital gains. Only the accumulated interest and capital gains of the Fund can be used for projects, efforts and initiatives approved by the Board of Trustees. Principal of the Fund may only be used in extraordinary circumstances and only after approval by the Trustees and the congregation.

An Endowment Committee of five elected church members oversees the Fund. Wells Fargo Investment Management Company manages the Fund’s assets, which are invested in a balanced portfolio of low cost index funds. Wells Fargo Investment Management also acts as an advisor to the Committee.

The source of the Fund’s principal is from planned gifts and bequests that have been received by the Fund over the years. Some of the more common planned gifts include:

  • Cash or check.
  • Securities.
  • Bequest via a will or trust.
  • Life Insurance beneficiary.
  • Retirement assets beneficiary.
  • Real property.


For more information about the Endowment Fund or Planned Giving please contact the Chair or Vice Chair of the Endowment Committee.