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World Community Day sponsored by Church Women United

World Community Day sponsored by Church Women United is Friday, November 2 at 10:30AM. The event is hosted by The Salvation Army of Redondo at 125 W. Beryl St, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. The theme is “In Harmony with God’s People.”  Suggested luncheon donation is $5.  RSVP with church affiliation to Brenda Ross (310) 322-4570. 

From the Church Women United Website:

The overall theme of “Reaching For Wholeness,” reflects the idea that being wholeness requires feeling safe, cared for, valued and connected within our local community and the larger world. With these aspects present, there is harmony. Like many voices coming together in a chorus, people of many cultures and nations can come together to lift humanity beyond the brokenness of discord, violence, and war. Music and rhythm have been used since primitive times to communicate around times of birth, death, war, and peace. From the individual rhythm of the human body to the more social rhythms of family, community or nation, and the celestial rhythm of the universe, we learn the cadence of cooperation, collaboration and mutual support. Any dissonance, while often useful and provocative, must eventually resolve itself into service toward the whole.

World Community Day began in 1943 from discussions at a meeting of denominational presidents and executive secretaries asking that a day be set aside in the fall for the study of peace by church women. Although many denominations were printing their own studies on the new world order, it was determined at this meeting that their unity would be strengthened on one day of united study.

WCD continues to emphasize peace but has been broadened to include justice, a vital partner of peace. The once clear categories of “domestic” and “foreign” were consciously blurred so the global scope of the wide range of problems could be emphasized on World Community Day.